Liquid Health 液态健康 @Goethe Open Space


Liquid Health is a fictional cultural and creative company established by Li Hanwei, which exploits Chinese culture to conduct brand development, thereby creating a cultural brand that is designed to cultivate the body-mind-soul-spirit of human beings. On 13 January 2019, the exhibition entitled by the brand’s name “Liquid Health" will open in the context of the Goethe Open Space at the Department of Culture and Education of the German Consulate General. The entire office space will be transformed into a private lounge of the brand, and also the latest product series of Spiritual Beauty Instrument will be launched on that day.

Beauty mask instruments, eyes massagers and face lifting instruments ….. All these provincial TV products stem from advertisements the artist watched as a child. These ads usually arise from very spontaneous and shallow thoughts, and end up with shoddy produced “landscapes”. They also form the narrow core of “Chinese Dream, Blue Dream”. Together with the artificially high GDP and the overwhelming promotion of a great nation image their advertisers share a common enemy, and these circumstances form a strong contrast to the “American dream" that once tempted many people of the world.


Ultimately, this exhibition may be seen as a confrontation between “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” and “American Imperialism." Li Hanwei chose to stand on a side more related to himself. This means that he does not observe these Chinese phenomena with a Western gaze, but rather adopts abundant local resources in his artistic work. By so doing, he emphasizes more the cultural landscape in China’s special environment than just focusing on issues of pan-capitalism (like most post-internet art do).

If you would like to experience these cultural landscapes, just visit the Cross Tower at No. 318 Fuzhou Road in downtown Shanghai. Enter the lobby of this office building through the revolving door, and turn right into the “Liquid Health” high-grade private club. The first thing jumping into your sight will be the reception desk and the money drawing feng shui pool, which appear at the same time as our glittering brand logo. You can choose to stroll around, or lie on a comfortable lounge chair to watch the brand’s promotional videos. All this creates the cultural ambience for our brand. Three brand new spiritual beauty instruments, as this time’s blockbuster products released by Liquid Health, will provide unprecedented spiritual sublimation for customers by means of Chinese culture. Here, as a product, culture becomes purer and pleasing. The cultural impoverishment caused by the landscape will be compensated by a landscape correspondently. The healthy liquid, is the “zen" of lifestyle, “be water” encouraged by Bruce Lee, a cultural form that is floating and flexible, and it is also an anonymous thing, which is omnipresent, wrapping and pervading you.




想要体验这些景观,你需要找到位于上海市中心福州路318号的华设大厦,通过旋转门进入办公楼大厅,并右转步入“液态健康”的高级私人会所。首先映入眼帘的是接待前台与招财风水池,它们与金闪闪的品牌标识同时出现。你可以选择随处逛逛,或者躺在舒适的躺椅上观看品牌的宣传广告片,而这一切都是为了营造品牌的文化氛围。最新打造的三款美灵仪,作为“液态健康”此次推出的重磅产品,将通过中国文化为用户获得前所未有的精神升华境界。在这里,文化作为一种产品,变得更加纯粹并旷人心怡。景观造成的文化贫乏,也将由景观来弥补。健康的液态,是生活方式化的“禅意”,是李小龙的那句“像水一样(Be water)”,是流动随行的文化形态,也是无处不在包裹着浸染你的不具名的东西。


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